The Compass Lab Studio

The Compass Lab Studio has high-tech equipment for recording and editing audio, some of which is listed below. Visit this page to reserve the studio for 30 minutes or a full hour. If you need help figuring out the equipment in the studio, bring up this guide for a quick tutorial.

The frame below holds an interactive tour of the Compass Lab Studio. Feel free to look around! You can use your mouse to reposition the view. The cursor is represented by the ring in the center of your screen. You can select the interactive components by hovering over them with the cursor. The ring will shrink while you are selecting something.

If you are on viewing this site on mobile, try going to this site to view the content in a more interactive way! Through the external link, you can view the tour through a Virtual Reality lens if you have a cardboard headset or similar. If not, you can control the cursor by using your phone as a portal and physically moving it around.